e. to submit only one application for the same project in a grant opportunity. These include applications that, in principle, have the same research intention, approach and results, regardless of possible differences in research, participants and/or administrative organizations; 12.14. If we feel that an application is incomplete, we may decide, at our discretion, to recommend that the application not be approved for issuance. A3.7 To be eligible, an Australian Laureate Fellowship candidate, as at the scholarship registration deadline, must be 12.9. We will collect grants and complete the project if you do not meet the obligations under the grant agreement. D2.3 Funding for DAATSIA`s compensation may be requested in one of the five salary brackets shown in Table 10, including salary costs. At the reference date of the grant opportunity, the level of pay must be either equal to the salary level of the ICR or higher. b.

provide information, as desired, for the evaluation of program or grant opportunities. 9.21. You must submit your application to us between the opening and denial sand and the time frame indicated on GrantConnect. 10.8. We have organizational and personal conflict of interest management procedures in place for detailed assessors, CS members and CRA staff. Details of these procedures can be found in the corresponding section of this Grants Directive and in the CRA`s Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Directive. 14.9. The final report must look at compliance with the conditions under which the funding was granted, as stipulated in the grant agreement. an NCGP program that includes the following themes: Australian Laureate Fellowships, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Discovery Indigenous, Discovery Projects, Future Fellowships and other scholarships updated from time to time. 9.20. We publish information on GrantConnect for all Linkage scholarship opportunities, including the date of application. 6.19.

Designated participants are individual researchers who are nominated for the roles identified for each scholarship opportunity. 4.1. The start date for liaison projects for funding applications submitted by June 30, 2019 is July 1, 2019. 14.7. If we are not satisfied with the progress of a project, additional funding will only be available once satisfactory progress has been made in the project. If satisfactory progress is not yet made within a reasonable time, the grant can be terminated and we will recover all remaining funds. 6.26. An individual is not entitled to be named CI if he performs an HDR at the time of the start date of the grant or during the period of activity of the project. Individuals are entitled to an IC if they implement an HDR during the application period and if the HDR is loaned before the grant begins. 7.6. You must justify all the points for which grants are requested in your application, to our satisfaction.

This scholarship program contributes to the CRA`s Results 1, which is to promote knowledge and innovation through the management of research grants, the measurement of research excellence and advice. members who make up the advisory committee to review a grant opportunity. General assessors use knowledge of their areas of discipline and a broad understanding of intellectual and methodological issues and good research planning. Each application has a senior general assessor (known as Carriage 1), usually close to the academic domain of the application, and one or more general assessors (known as Other Promotions) with additional expertise. We enter into a grant agreement with you via RMS. 5.5. If this is conclusive, you can only spend grants for eligible activities, as defined in section 7 of this grant policy and the details of the grant in your grant agreement.